Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Shouldn't Be Allowed Out Alone

I ran errands yesterday. I had a list. A firm list. But it was a cool and sunny day (my favorite) and I foolishly thought that we were in the home stretch getting the rental unit ready for a new tenant. I went to Stein to get a bag of crocuses for $6.99 because my current crocuses have the seasons confused. They're up now, just the leaves, no flowers, and nothing happens in early spring when I really really need them, so they're going out and new ones are going in. You can see them in the center of all those shiny packages with the pretty colored pictures of flowers on them. If you look closely you can see the small neon orange sale stickers on each one. (Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!) I'm a total sucker for flowers on sale. I don't mind digging in the dirt and getting all messy either. I used some of my stash of mad money buying them.

My next stop was at Jo-Ann. I wanted to pick up one skein of yarn, ONE!, to knit a narrow fashion scarf like my knitting friend Karla was wearing when I saw her last week. I had a bunch of coupons in my purse. Big mistake. I walked up and down the aisles, up and down, sinc
e they'd rearranged all the yarn I needed to look at it all. Every. Last. Skein. I consulted with a stranger who is making a lap robe for her dad and was conflicted about colors. I fondled the needles a bit. Skeins kept jumping in my cart. Turns out they're discontinuing the yarn I wanted to buy one of each color of, so I had to look at all the rest to find others that would be adequate to my needs. I picked out a bunch of good single skeins for scarves. I bought a copy of 60 Quick Knits too because all the books were 25% off but forgot to take a picture of it. I've already cast on, knit a dozen rows, and frogged the first scarf. I'm starting again with half as many stitches. See? That's it at the lower edge of the photo. And that's what happened to the other half of my mad money.

Late in the afternoon yesterday I loaded up my bike (I need to name it) and rode the northern end of the Trail through downtown. The trail goes under the bridges over the river and the middle one, the Walnut Street Bridge, has a lovely steep chute-like tunnel to ride through. I pedaled like a madwoman to zoom down and shoot back up; it was lovely. One of these days I'll remember the camera so I can show you where I ride. I guess I rode about a mile and a half, one way. It was nice. I meant to go again today but scrubbing the stove at 1508 kept me at home. Grr.

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