Sunday, September 19, 2010

High "Ew" Factor

I mowed the lawns today, making sure to be outside for the flyover before the Packer game. Four fighter jets screamed over in a V formation. A neighbor stopped by to chat for a minute and I looked down at the grass when he walked on before restarting the mower. At first I thought a dog had pooped on the lawn, but when I looked closer (yeah, I know, I'm not right) I realized that what I was looking at was some sort of growth like a mushroom. They're growing over the remains of a maple tree that was cut down more than 5 years ago. I picked some and took them inside to show Durwood.

On my way to take a bike ride, I stopped at Barnes & Noble to get a shipwreck book and looked in a Mushroom ID book to discover that they are called Deadman's Fingers. Cool, huh?

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