Thursday, September 2, 2010

It Pays To Knit At Work

After not too long, you have a new sock. I do like the way the bright body of the sock looks with the black cuff, heel, and toe. What a brilliant idea I had!

Here's the pair. I "purled when ready" the red loops of the first sock and I chose yellow for the second sock before I realized that there are at least four different yellows--yellow-green, yellow-orange, school bus yellow, and lemon yellow. I tried to remember to purl the school bus yellow. Most of the time I managed, but it was hard on the gusset and top of the foot so I just purled when I wanted. Hey, it's going to be stuck in my shoe anyway, who's going to notice?

1 comment:

T.Elaine said...

I love how the purled color just jumps out in the photos! Such an awesome effect!