Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finished the back of my Red Marl sweater the other night. It's gorgeous and I love it. I'll cast on the front later and get to work on more two-color knitting which is more intriguing than I ever thought it'd be. DS asked me to teach him to knit a ski hat with a snowflake on it this winter. Cool, huh? I'm tickled.

I'm through one repeat on the first Underwater Sock and I like it. It's still hard to get used to knitting on these short and skinny size 2s, but I'm managing. I like seeing the colors blend and swirl until they look like the ocean in the Caribbean which makes me glad I searched and searched until I found the right pattern that looks a bit like waves.

I finished one of the sock things from the internet pattern. I think I'm going to like them.

This morning we were having breakfast and reading the paper and I glanced at the hummingbird feeder to see a hummer on one side and a monarch butterfly on the other. Naturally the bird left before I got the camera out but the butterfly let me take its picture.

Then DS came over to help me haul all the going-to-charity stuff our renter had left into one room for pickup next week and all of the empty boxes left under the stairs from when DS left for California 3 years (!!!) ago, and he said he'd come back Tuesday night to help me drag it all out to the curb for trash day. Durwood treated us to 2/$1 brats from the new Kwik Trip for lunch. That was nice.

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Ann said...

Wow, Mom, that's gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Also, when Dad told me you guys bought a goat, I thought he meant a live one to keep in the yard. I was very confused. Enjoy it!