Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ugly Bunny!

I love him. He's a pincushion.

Durwood managed to take over 5 minutes of video of our neighborhood sharpshinned hawk grooming him/herself on the fence in back, and he took these pictures of it with the digital camera. If we could figure out how to suck the video out of the camera, find it on the computer and put it on here I'd do it, but so far we're lost in our middle-aged, not-too-techy world. Maybe we can rent a kid...

We got more snow. I don't really want more snow, but it'll be good when the Friday Night Knitters go snowshoeing the first Sunday in March. I'll post pictures. I promise. During the last warm spell the birdie tree fell over so I leaned it on the honeysuckle. I've been spreading peanut butter on the branches and just sprinkling it with birdseed and discovered that I can dispense with the pb and just use the seed. It gets caught in the needles and the juncos have a blast.

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