Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Winter, All The Time

Durwood took more pictures yesterday and I have to share them with you. He captured the male cardinal sitting in the birdie tree, looking all red and cheerful.

I filled the birdbath yesterday morning and it was windy and it must h
ave blown water out. Look at the cool icicle it made!

I'm working steadily on my Khaki Cardi. There's no way I'm finishing it by the time the Olympic Torch is extinguished on Sunday but I'm very pleased at my progress. I know it looks short, but when I hold it up to me, it's just right.

And last night I couldn't resist. It's another Ugly Bunny. I'm so bad.

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Aunt B said...

Hi Barb -- Love the cardinal in the birdie tree. And that icicle is incredible!