Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Done! **edited**

It was a day to finish things. Funny how stuff comes to completion all at the same time sometimes. This morning before work I finished sewing the two halves of the Ribwarmer together and then I gave it to Durwood because he likes earthtones and he's always cold. Next time I'll make it a little bigger and figure out a way for him to close it in the front. But look how pretty it is!

It was so quiet today at the dive shop that I finished the Carnival Sock. And I learned something--my toes are not pointy. The pattern says to decrease down to 4 stitches and then Kitchener the toe. Well, look. See how pointy the sock toe is? My toe is not in there. I should have quit two rows sooner and had a wider toe, but this will work. Oh yeah, this sock will work. And now I have 6 worsted socks so I can wear them and not have one hanging around waiting for the others to be washed. **As I suspected, the leg of this sock is about 1 1/2" shorter without the heelflap, wearable but anyone considering switching to the short row heel (I'm looking at you, Dusty) better add more length to the leg.**

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Ann said...

These both look lovely! Good job, Mom.