Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Heel

Well, new to me anyway. I decided to forego the heel flap on this sock and put in a short row heel. I'm not convinced that I didn't shorten the leg of the sock by doing that, but it went fairly easily and I seem to have only one hole where I was picking up stitches. Pretty good for the first try, I think.

I'm on the foot now so I'll just keep knitting until my usual length and that should be good, don't you think? Seven and a half inches is the same whether you're measuring a short row heel or one with a flap and a short row turn. At least that's my theory, and I'm all about theories. At first I wasn't sure I liked the way this yarn is pooling but the more I knit on this sock the better I like the way it looks. Kind of reminds me of the way oil makes rainbows in puddles on the road.

I've rounded the second turn and am in the home stretch on the second half of the Ribwarmer. I am loving this yarn. Gorgeous rich colors.

Now I have to quit goofing off on the computer and write my piece of a collaborative story for The Incredibles, the group of women I spend a week with at The Clearing every fall. I am so not a team player. Durwood bought me a shirt that says "A Team Effort is a Bunch of People Doing What I Say," and I confess that it's totally true. Here I go.

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Dusty said...

I adore your sock and I think the pooling colors are fab.

Let me know how that new heel fits.