Saturday, January 10, 2009

Progress Report

Even though this is only the fourth day of my Finished 2009 efforts, I thought it would be a good idea to make a report. Things worked out pretty well designating a spot to knit on each project.

I made 2-1/2 fish at work, sorta (I started fish #1 at home Tuesday night [I got excited] and finished fish #3 this morning so I'll start next week with no fish OTN to get a true picture of how many I can really make at work in a week)

I worked on my Socks X2 at Thursday Knit Night and got about an inch done.

The Accidental Socks and Abby's Silk Road purse got attention at Harmony Cafe Knitting last night.

This weekend at home The Converts v.2 mittens will get some needle time.
This time they even fit me! Good, huh?

So far this is working great. Thanks, Samurai Knitter, for the kick in the slats.

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