Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress Report--Week #3

Progress is being made. Nothing got finished this week, but everything is closer.

The Accidental Sock #2 made the most progress, I think. Hitting the heel flap a week ago at Harmony Cafe kept me hard at work over last weekend at home to turn the heel and get the gusset finished so that the repetitive foot knitting could be done in public. In about 2-1/2 inches I'll start the toe decreases. :-)

When the sock moved to at-home knitting so I could focus on the tricky bits, DIL's Silk Road Purse took the Friday Night Knitting slot. It's the perfect project to work on during a lively discussion--and we always have a lively discussion.

It was a bit busier at the dive shop this week so the rate of afghan fish blocks production stayed the same, but I'm always happy to put down my knitting to wait on a customer.

The Socks X2 got neglected since we had a retirement party to attend on Thursday. I felt sorry for them so I picked them up when I got home Friday night and finally got frustrated enough to exchange the shorter of the cables for a longer one. It has made a world of difference.

I'm very tempted to shirk all this knitting and make some toys for three little girls I know. Their grandpa was the retiree we celebrated Thursday night and I had a ball playing with them. Samantha, almost 3, and I flew to the moon and exchanged manicures. Alison, barely 1, kept my lap warm and played with my necklace during the speeches. Natalie, 2 weeks old today, slept like the princess she is in Mama or Daddy's arms the whole night. This being the middle of flu season her mama rightly kept her away from all us germy admirers. So, I'd love to pull out the acrylic and knit or crochet a whole whack of toys for the girls but I'm practicing patience until I get the Accidental Socks finished. Then I can treat myself to some quick toy knitting. Sammi loves elephants. I'll bet I can make one of those. She put her head on my shoulder and told me I was her best friend. I am putty in her hands.

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