Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First FO of 2009!

Yesterday I decided to join with Samurai Knitter to set the goal of finishing everything I've got started around here. Silly me, I thought I didn't have much OTN until I started making a little mental list. I don't have a "little" list, my list is a fairly long one. So I've sorted through things and today I'm lining them up to see what can be finished quickly. Well, nothing really. Most of what I have cast on is early or mid-process, but that's okay. I've put a few balls of acrylic worsted in a bag with some US10s so I can knit afghan fish at work when it's quiet. It'll take a few months to finish that but now that I'm more experienced I should be able to make a fish or two every time I work. I'll pick one project to go to Thursday knit night at Patty's with me, one for Friday knit night at Harmony Cafe, and another one if I decide to go knit at Loops and Links on Saturday. That way every project will get a bit of attention each week until one gets close to completion, then I'll focus on that one until it's done. Not a bad plan, huh? Oh, and after today I promise to stop buying yarn if I don't know what I'll make with it. I need to focus on the pretty yarn I have. I bought it because I liked it, I should use it, right?

Anyway, here's my first FO of the new year. It's yet another (and the last one for a while) market bag made with the discontinued Red Heart Hula. I made it a bit longer and, as you can see, ran out of yarn while doing the edging. I had a bit of orange left so I used that. I think I like that splash of different color on there.

Oh, what yarn did I buy today? Well, I'm kind of embarrassed to say but here goes. Loops and Links had Filatura di Crosa Maxime Print on the Wall O'Savings and I'm kind of into Accidental Sock #2 now even though I've said in public I'm not sure I like knitting socks but right now I do, and, well, what if I want to make other socks like that to mix and match and she doesn't have the other colors? Well, that'd be bad. So, well, I had this mad money, and I, well, I bought 2 skeins of each of the other colors. It was on sale, you see, and I had enough mad money with some left over so that's okay. Besides I'm learning to make socks 2 at once and that kind of goes faster, or it will if I use a bit longer circular needles, I think.

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trek said...

A sock bag is a small cloth drawstring bag into which you (I) place a sock in progress with its yarn and needles.

And no, we don't wash each napkin with every meal. Except for Neatnik's school ones: she usually wraps her yogurt spoon in the napkin and that's just too icky to contemplate reusage.