Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Yarn That Never Ends

How come the beautiful soft wool yarn skeins run out at warp speed and the cheap-ass scratchy acrylic yarns never do? I am now in mid-scarf number 5 for the Special Olympics Winter Games because I don't want that acrylic stuff hanging around because I'll never ever use it again because it's scratchy and it's blue and blue is one of my least favorite colors unless it's the turquoise blue of the ocean and I'm standing next to it ready to leap into it. Or walk into it. Anyway, the extra novelty yarns that I've been knitting with the acrylic keep running out so I have to go get more to use up the white and Delft blue and I see that the muppet eyelash and the hairy stuff I have now are going to run out long before the worsted is. See in the picture? I intend to knit on this scarf with my huge US 50 needles until one of the skeins runs out (probably the white muppet eyelash stuff) but I bet I'll still have yarn left for another scarf. This yarn will never end. Do you think this yarn is made from ham? (That's an inside joke--our adult kids bought a ham to eat one year when Durwood and I were gone at Christmas and the ham never got smaller. They ate it for every meal and in every way they could possibly think of and it never went away, so after two weeks they threw the rest away.)

I do have a normal FO to show you. I finished the second pair of convertible mitts and like it better. I even managed to knit the second flap (condom?) on DPNs once I had the little ribbing done, picked up the stitches across the mitten back, and joined them together. At first it was a bit like wrestling a porcupine but it got better once the flap got longer. Thanks to Durwood for the excellent modeling!


rochard said...

HeHe, it looks like Durwood has two right hands! Those mitts are wonderful. Let us know how the flap stays down. I was always a little leery of that.

I wonder how they sell so much of that SuperSaver stuff. I also have a few skeins that never seem to run out.


David said...

Noooooooo! Not the ham that never ends! I can't escape it.