Sunday, November 30, 2008


I worked and worked today and I finished the Phoenix Tears Scarf. I like it--I think. It wasn't hard or expensive since I did not use Colinette yarns but put together fiery and feathery yarns that were in my budget. And it's snowing. Ugh.


rochard said...

That is so cool. Did you put beads on it? It's hard to find a scarf that is so different from all the others out there, but that one sure qualifies.

Lots of snow here, too. Ugh Ugh.


Barbara said...

Yes, I did put beads on it. They are just above the tassels, 3 pearly faceted beads about marble size. This one sure is different but it was fun to knit.

Even more snow today. It's pretty but I could do without it.