Thursday, November 6, 2008

One! Uh, uh, uh.

One finger knitted.

Last week one day Durwood touched me and I nearly got frostbite. His hands were so cold! And we were indoors. I don't think the man has blood. But that goosebump-producing event made me decide to knit the poor frozen guy some nice thick wool gloves. I'm using the leftovers from making his car hat and this pattern. Oh, and I went up to US 11 needles so I didn't have to redo the pattern.


rochard said...

That will be a great set! My gloves always are all wonky in the fingers, with holes. Maybe you can give me pointers.

Barbara said...

Oh, my gloves are pretty wonky in the fingers too and there's no escaping the between-the-fingers holes. The pattern I'm using even tells you to be sure and close them. A nice bath in gentle wool wash (Woolite?) and some blocking goes a long way toward straightening the fingers.