Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Fast FO

I firmly believe that in the cold Wisconsin winter it's a good idea to have an emergency hat and gloves in your vehicle just in case. Just in case you have car trouble and have to sit there a while. Just in case it's bitter cold when you're out shopping and you forgot to put one on. Just in case it's freezing in your car after work and you need to warm up on the drive home. That sort of thing. I looked through the hat tote on the front closet shelf and found a cool hat and mittens for my car but there wasn't one for Durwood's car. He's got lots of gloves that'll do the trick, but there wasn't a good warm hat for him. So I made him one. It's called a Tasseled Earflap Hat and it's from Knit Simple Fall 2007. It's supposed to be out of super-bulky yarn but I used two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky, one in Wild Oak and one in Cafe au Lait. I cast it on Tuesday after supper and finished it at work yesterday afternoon. Very quick. Durwood didn't want a tassel so it's bare on top. Ah well, it's still a good warm hat.


Ann said...

Cute hat! I'm sure Dad will look smashing in it.

My verification word means "I/he/she/you (singular, formal) used to run" in Spanish. Well, it's missing an accent mark, but still.

rochard said...

Oh, gosh, it's just so cute! I wish I could get Ricardo to wear a hat with ties. I'm dying to make one. Oops, the potatoes are burning.

Ann-you're just too smart for the rest of us.

Ann said...

Rochard, that's all the use I've gotten out of my Spanish minor in the last 5 years. Whee!

Barbara said...

The ties are supposed to dangle casually to make the wearer look cool. I seriously doubt whether Durwood will tie them.

Ann, don't forget you helped Dad put together a few photography related phrases. See, you use your Spanish!