Friday, October 24, 2008

More Scarf & Other Stuff

Yesterday I thought of a clever line to begin this blog entry. Think I can remember it? No. Well, I'll let my gorgeous knitting speak for itself. (Although if it comes to me later, I will come back and do a little edit. It really was clever, at least as far as I can remember.)

First, we have Special Scarf #4. It's crocheted rather than knitted but I still used a great big weapon to make it. I'm all about the US 50 needles or US S hook when it comes to making scarves. It goes fast and you can use a mitt full of cool yarns. I don't think I violated the parameters of the Scarf project, I just took their yarn & color requirements and ran with them. Deep down inside each scarf is the Red Heart Super Saver yarn they specified. Cross my heart. And each and every yarn is 100% acrylic or nylon so the scarves are totally washable. I play by the rules, I just have my own individual interpretation of them.

Next, I decided to knit convertible
mittens again, this time picking up stitches and knitting the flap (condom?) right on instead of sewing it on. My only complaint is that it's knit flat instead of in the round, but it's going well.

Last, you can tell that winter is approaching with it's chilly breezes, pots of soup, and falling snow. What with souvenir and sale yarn from Missoula and picking up the odd skein of Cascade 220 or Lamb's Pride for stealth knitting purposes, I've made a pile o'yarn next to the coffee table. I like it. It makes me feel happy. I want to pick it up and snuggle it or burrow into it. I heart yarn.

Now I'm going into the kitchen to toast a couple slices of cocodrillo which I will top with strawberry jam, all made by David & Abby. Mmm, bread and jam. Thanks, guys. Love you.

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rochard said...

Another winning scarf! Gosh, that yarn looks nice.