Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home From Montana *Warning! Picture Heavy Post*

Hi! We got home Tuesday night and our flight was 10 minutes early arriving. Ten minutes! Thanks, Northwest Airlines.

Our lovely DIL found me a yarn shop in Missoula and, you know what?, it was right next door to a bookstore. Oh, happy day! The yarn shop, Joseph's Coat, was satisfyingly full of yarn and crazy yarn women of various ages, which made Abby very glad not to be a knitter, I'm sure. I picked up 3 single skeins of Cascade 220 on sale in beige, heather gray, and tomato red, then I broke my budget and bought 2 skeins of Rowan Colourscape chunky in colors that blew me away. See?

David and I went to all 3
farmer's markets on Saturday morning. How cool is it that Missoula has three of them on one day? The Clark Fork Market has fruits, veggies, and meat, along with pastries and coffee, jam, and wool. Yay, wool. One booth sells wool for spinning and also pillows and comforters filled with wool.

Then around the corner from that booth I saw this. And this. And this.

They call the gray and red hats Grizz hats after the U of Montana Grizzlies sports teams. I love the pattern and think they look like the old fashioned leather football helmets.

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rochard said...

Hey, Barbara! Welcome home. Missoula sounds like a nice place. I love those hats. I hope you had a good time with the kids.