Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Malaise

It's the time of the year when I could very easily veg on the couch, napping and reading. My urge to do things is at its lowest ebb. I'm not even terribly interested in eating, although I, of course, manage to force myself to maintain my current level of eating just enough calories to keep from losing much weight. God forbid I should have less of me to drag around when it's hot and muggy. I hope before I kick the bucket (buy the farm, check out, croak, insert your favorite euphemism for DIE here, and if you have any interesting ones send them my way, please) I manage to figure myself out. I don't want to figure out other people's motives and motivations, only my own which remain, after 59 years on this planet, a mystery. So here's my yarn-ish output for the week.

I'm chugging along on the Red Marl sweater. I'm over halfway through the chart and I love the way it looks and feels. I wish I had touch-o-vision so you could feel how soft, springy, and scrumptious this is. I can't imagine it'll be anywhere near complete when I go to The Clearing in October which was my original intention but that's okay. It'll be worth the wait, I can tell.

The 198 yds. of Mochi shawl-ette is growing too. I discovered that using thinner yarn and smaller needles makes progress slower. Well, duh, Barbara. The color stripes are getting narrower too but I'm still just as fascinated to see how they look as they lay down atop one another.

I got to the heel flap and turn of Cartoons sock #2 at work this week. I do like the way the rich black looks against the vibrant colors of the main yarn and it'll eventually get cool enough to wear wool socks again.

And in frog pond news, the Sun Visor Cap went back to being 2 skeins of cott
on yarn. I started the visor part and it was loose and floppy and I just knew that I'd never be able to stiffen it enough so that it acted like a real hat bill, so I frogged it. I can use the yarn for a bag that I'll love or a kitchen towel or a hot pad, it will not go to waste, but I just couldn't see it turning out so, as the Red Queen said, Off with it's head!

I was feeling particularly down in the dumps the other day and this is what I saw when I glanced out the window next to my desk. It's a rose blooming on the bush my dad planted year
s ago. It's an old-fashioned one with deep red color and a strong rose aroma. Thanks for sending me a rosebud when I really needed it, Dad.

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