Wednesday, August 25, 2010

See? I Have Been Knitting

I am so excited about the sweater I'm knitting. I love the colors and I love the yarn. I'm excited that I managed to do 2-color knitting even though there are places where the floats are too tight. I'm hoping that blocking will take care of some of it. Fingers crossed. It's a little hard to see in the picture but I'm up to the armhole decreases. Too cool!

I'm on the foot of Cartoons Sock #2. I do love this yarn, it's so colorful and bright.

I'm knitting around on that slipper sock thing I found online. Look at the gigantic holes where the heel and gusset are. They're like yarn-y sinkholes, almost makes me think they won't felt shut, but I'm keeping on keeping on.

Ta-da! Knitting!

This morning something hit the patio door and when I looked I saw this little hummingbird sitting on the doormat with its left wing extended. It sat there for about 10 minutes before it pulled in the wing, shaking its head. Finally in about 5 more minutes it flew up into the honeysuckle. Within about 15 more minutes it had flown up into the apple tree and seemed to be find. Durwood called the Wildlife Sanctuary just to be sure that he could take it there in case it was hurt too badly. He stood watching it until it flew into the tree to make sure that nothing hurt it while it was recovering. They're amazingly tiny. It was so tempting to go out and pick it up but we resisted.

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Aunt B said...

Oh, I love that little hummingbird.
And you were so clever to have your camera right at hand to record the moment -- well, the minutes actually. So glad you resisted temptation to try to help him/her. Love your two-color sweater.