Monday, August 23, 2010


Last Thursday I drove away from home for a two-night stay upstairs over the main office of The Clearing to be in place on time for an early morning meeting to plan the rejuvenation of their newsletter. I was flattered that Mike, the director, had thought of me but terrified that he'd ask me, expect me to be the boss of it all. I've been battling moderate depression all summer (got new pills and they're starting to work, thank God) and it felt good to drive away from home and Durwood for a couple days, not that there is anything wrong with either of them, but I needed a break. That night I had supper with friends and we went to a classical concert which was lovely. Friday morning was the newsletter meeting with the Director, Assistant Director, and the Program Director and I was right, he wanted me to be editor. I had my "sorry" smile all ready and told him, them that I'd love to write for them, stories, interviews, whatever but I just can't be the organizer, I procrastinate too much, it's just not me. For a moment there was silence and then he said, "well, I guess we can all kind of be the editor, you can be the writer." Whew. I was afraid he'd send me packing. Instead I got to interview Kevin the Landscape Architecture intern and Wendy the Weaver who has finished an art piece commissioned for this their 75th Anniversary year on Friday and I'm setting up an interview with Ram the Painter who is restoring a mural in the Schoolhouse. The articles about the weaving and the mural have to be written tout suite so that they can be sent to the Peninsula Pulse for publication before the grand unveiling. All of those things conspired to make me feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Ahhh. Welcome back, self.

I did manage to buy a bit of yarn while I was there. Wendy the Weaver had some Harrisville wool for 25% off. How could I resist?

After our interview, I went right down the road to Red Sock Yarns in Fish Creek where I got another skein of Kraemer Mauch Chunky that I plan to use with the other two partial skeins in lime and a light orange to make a felted bag,

and a skein of Ty-Dy Socks Dots to make a polka dotted sock. What's not to love?

Continuing with the dots theme I picked out a couple of cute buttons to pin on my knitting bag. They came in a little polka dotted drawstring bag.

I did knit this past week, really I did. I promise to go home and take pictures tonight of the finished 2-color sweater bottom (well, the two color part's done, not the whole sweater back) and the sock. Cross my heart.

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