Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not Much Progress

This past week was not a very knitty week, not at all. I didn't knit at work (pesky customers!) and I barely knitted at home. I even skipped Friday Night Knitting and you know that's not a good sign. But I'm determined to do better this week. I've got a slew of good, trashy novels loaded onto my Walkman (I love the library) so I'm ready to listen to someone read me a story while I knit. I've fallen under the spell of another wizard named Harry--Harry Dresden of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files fantasy novels. I'm listening to the third book, of 12 so far, and it's the last one that my library has on CD for a while, so soon I'll have to read them on paper. *sigh* It's hard to read a book and knit if you have to hold the book. My feet aren't as dextrous as they'd need to be to turn the pages, and I'm not a good enough knitter to divide my attention anyway. I'd be trying to purl the next paragraph and dog ear my knitting to keep my place. It would never work.

I got a few more rows of the sweater done. Look! Two colors! Genius!

It's time to begin knitting the brim on my Sun Visor Cap. (more learning new stuff)

I'm nearly through the first repeat of 198 yds. of Mochi. It's going slower than the last one but I'm still learning about lace knitting and still entertained by it

The sock didn't get a lot of attention but it's creeping along. It spent most of the week under the desk at work squeezed between the shredder and the recycling bin.

And I'm playing with a pattern I found on the 'web. It has a short row, wrap & turn heel. Semi strange.

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