Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shawl Daze

Hi, my name is Barbara and I'm addicted to knitting shawls. I shift from one to the other to the other like some demented machine.

Last night I knitted the first 3 rows of the border of 198 yds. of Crazy. It's going well. 13 more to go!

I've found out on 198 yds. of Mochi that it's addictive knitting to find out what color comes next and how it'll look with the
ones that came before. I also discovered that it's easier the second time.

And the Spring Fling Wrap is much more pleasing to me now that I've frogged it and reknit it on US17s. I fear that it won't be very long since I only have 261 yds., it'll be more like a necklet than a wrap, but I'm anxious to get done so I can knit the fuzzy ruffles onto the short ends. Ooh, I just had an idea; I could knit one of the ruffles in the green and the other in the purple Filatura di Crosa. Tres cool.

Now it's time to write an article about sinking a ship in Lake Michigan. Later, dudes and dudettes!

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