Monday, July 19, 2010

Flitting and Cringing

I spent yesterday, the whole of my weekend, flitting from project to project, and making an unpleasant late-night discovery downstairs. More on the cringing in a moment, but first here's what I worked on.

I finished the first ball (of 3) of the Daylily for the Spring Fling Wrap, so I'm 1/3 done. I also went downstairs into the stash and resurrected the green and purple mohair to start thinking about which one I want to use (maybe both).

After getting some help from Zoe, the Yarn Whisperer, at Friday Night Knitting Circle on using Magic Loop to knit in the round, I finished the crown of the Sun Visor Cap. One wag at knitting suggested it looks like a McDonalds hat but I stuck my tongue out at her and didn't respond. Next I need to pick up 99 stitches around the edge and knit the band and visor. Should be interesting.

At the bottom of the knitting basket I came across the Rolled Brim hat I had frogged and restarted because it was turning out too big even for me. I realized that I could finish it fairly quickly so I knit on it a bit. I do love the yarn. I bought it at a fiber show in Valders and got to see the sheep it came from. Very cool.

I've been working a bit on the next 198 yds. of Mochi shawl. The yarn is DK weight so it's thinner than what the pattern calls for. That means that I'll definitely be adding repeats to make it bigger than a hankie. But I love the yarn (so soft) and the colors make me

The mailman brought a package during the week. Interweave was having their annual "hurt" book sale and I couldn't resist, so two slightly damaged sock books came to live with me. I don't know if I'll ever knit any of the socks but I sure love looking at them.

Late last night I shortened a couple of broomstick skirts so they don't drag around my ankles anymore,

and that's when I saw the dead mouse in the basement. Ugh.

I lay in bed wondering how many more were down there, alive, and if any of them are aspiring to move upstairs to live with the humans.

Durwood will be buying mousetraps today. Ick, ick, ick.

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