Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wha...? Project Monogamy?

Who would be foolish enough to promise something like that? That would be silly given my history of never being able to stick to one thing for long. I must have been drunk on mulled cider and shortbread. Yeah, that's it. I didn't know what I was typing. Besides, you do want to have knitting or crocheting to look at for the next week or so, don't you? Of course, you do.

Aaanyway, Friday on the drive all the way up to the Holiday Open House at The Clearing I worked on Stealth Project 4
like a good little knitter. The Open House was very nice. The Christmas tree was in a grouping of other trees and natural decorations and was very beautiful.

There was a large table of goodies with big silver ur
ns of coffee and mulled cider with real mugs to drink it out of. Durwood and I made certain to taste each and every one of the treats, some of them more than once, just to make certain that they were all up to the high standards we expect of The Clearing.

We sat with Mike the director for a while and got to see Kathy and Melinda and Tammy from the office too.

I saw what looked like the world's largest ball winder up on a shelf above the Jensen center room. It's probably something for weaving but it sure would make yarn winding go fast, wouldn't it?

On the way home I knitted on Stealth Project 4 too, maybe not quite as diligently as I had on the way up but still I worked on nothing else and got about 1/4 along. We stopped at Red Sock Yarns in Fish Creek where I found this bulky yarn in Kiwi and Pomegranate. I wanted something to make stripes in the dark variegated brown of a pair of purses that I am making for Christmas gifts.

Well, then I couldn't resist casting on Prospectors Purse 1 when w
e got home and then I kept going at Friday Night Knitting Circle, getting to the Kiwi stripe near the end of the evening. Then yesterday I was anxious to see how the bright green looked so I kept going. By bedtime I was at the point of binding off the handle stitches on the next row, so I decided to go to bed and finish today.

I will work more on Stealth Project 4 today, I swear. Once I see about getting Fifi my 9' tall Christmas decoration flamingo out on the lawn, if all her lights light when I plug her in. And after I finish that purse.

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