Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rescued Crocheting

I went to Goodwill yesterday afternoon in search of a last minute Christmas idea. While flipping the rack in the Domestics dept. I saw something I just couldn't leave there. It's a crocheted doily made with a teensy hook and thin crochet cotton. It's 20" in diameter and quite plain but pretty. I think it needs to live here for a while.

I worked on the snowman at FNKC and I cast on the third of the purses I need to have finished and felted by daybreak on Thursday. I did work on the last of the Stealth knitting, but of course you have to wait to see it until after Christmas.

Remind me next year to scale back by Christmas knitting enthusiasms.

1 comment:

rochard said...

Ooh, I love that vintage doily. It's quite large and an unusual color. I'm sure it'll look lovely on your table!