Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still No Snow

But Durwood said he saw a couple flakes goofing around in the back yard this morning, so maybe we'll have some for Christmas. I hope we do, just enough to make it look Christmas-y and Norman Rockwell-ish, then it can go away. I know, I have a snow blower, a nice big red one, but I'd rather have it spend the winter in the garage with the snow shovels.

Just in case Christmas really is coming, I've been working on knitting prezzies. Here's the purse I'm felting for my beautician. It has to be ready on the 19th. No problem getting that one done.

And here's the beginning of Stealth Project 4. It's going to be a challenge to finish this one in time if I keep veering off to play with other projects that need bigger yarn, etc., but I won't.
I'm going to be a monogamous knitter on this one. Cross my heart. Pinkie swear.

I'll let you know how that little vow works out. I have to admit my track record on project monogamy is not very impressive. But I try and I have the best of intentions.

(Are those the Gates of Hell I see yawning open at my feet?!?)

1 comment:

Ann said...

Could you maybe work on the snow thing? I promised Anne a white Christmas!