Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hub Deep To A Ferris Wheel

That's how much snow we got. You think I'm kidding? Look. That poor mourning dove was so confused. 14.6" total snowfall in 2 days.

I started another project. I just had to; I can't work on only one at a time. It's a crocheted snowman that sits on a table or mantle.
Don't think that the Stealth Project and this little snowman are the only things OTN, but the other three (four? maybe more) are on hold until after the Stealth knitting is finished, to be picked up soon.

I bought myself an amarylis bulb week before last. I'm amazed at how quickly it grows.

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rochard said...

I don't want a white Christmas. I'm cold, my socks are wet. I'm going to bed with some green tea and my knitting, to watch TV. (I like those little snowmen, too. Just a little short of black yarn at the moment.) Can't wait to see your Christmas stuff.