Sunday, February 22, 2009

Progress Report--Week #7

Okay, kiddies, this week we learned (again) that I can't stick with only the projects I have on the needles, I have to cast on MORE.

The newest project is the Be Happy Be Colorul socks from Kristin Nicholas' book, Kristin Knits.

I managed to put them down long enough to knit the last (I think) 5 fish for my afghan. The next step is to lay them out on the bed, decide their final arrangement, take a picture or twelve, then start crocheting them together with black. I'm excited to see how they'll look in the end.

I knit a few rows on the Peruvian shawl while watching season 6 of CSI which comes from Netflix. I like Netflix; it sends me DVDs and when I send them back, more come. It's like magic!

The Spring Green Shawl got a bit longer and wider this week.

I was about to decide to put the Spring Green shawl in my backpack for work knitting to replace the fishing, but then I looked at this poor neglected project (The Silk Road Purse) and moved it into the "at work"slot. I love my DIL. I'm not sure why it seems I don't love this project. But I promise to work hard at it and get it done soon. Cross my heart. No take-backs.


Ann said...

You can do it, Mom! The purse will not conquer you!

My verification word is a real word--doesn't that defeat the point?

Abigail said...

Barbara -
My birthday is in June, so don't hurry too much! I love you!