Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progress Report--Week #6

Well. I have to confess that my project-finishing drive was derailed this past week. I guess slotting in those 3 amigurumi animals for the Seibert girls wasn't such a good idea after all. I had the devil of a time getting back into my WIPs. In fact, here's all I accomplished on the fish afghan blocks and the Silk Road purse. Pitiful, isn't it?

I did make progress on the Socks X2. I have to knit 2 more inches and then begin the toe decreases.

As soon as they're done I'm casting on a pair using 4 or 5 different colors of Cas
cade 220 Tweed and a Kristin Nicholas pattern. That should fuel my creative fire. (I confess I'm thinking of using DPNs rather than the 2 at a time method. Changing needle tips all the time is annoying.)

I was so cold at work on Wednesday (neglected to put on longjohns) that I put on my thickest wool sweater and Anne's hat when I got home, and then cast on TWO shawls that evening. This one I'm calling the Spring Green Shawl; it's made out of Filatura di Crosa Multicolor from the stash and uses this Simple Yet Effective Shawl pattern I got off Ravelry. The holes will get bigger as I go because I started with US11, then I just switched to US13, and in about a foot or so I'll switch to US15. Depending how it looks I might even go as high as US 19, which is as high as my circular needle arsenal goes.

The other one is the Peruvian Shawl from the Winter 2008/09 Knit Simple Magazine and I'm using up all the Sensation
s Marvel (discontinued) from my stash no matter how short or long it ends up and I'm using all the colors as they pop out of the bag. (I did save another skein of cinnamon for the other end.) I console myself that at least I'm using stash yarn for both of them. (DD, if you'd like to contribute any you've got in your stash [it's what you made Dad's slippers from], I wouldn't refuse but I'm not desperate for it.)

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