Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beware! Tangent Ahead.

You know how sometimes an idea just keeps scratching at your brain until you just have to give up and follow where it leads you? No?

Well, it happens to me and I am powerless to resist no matter how strong my dedication to the "right" path is. That's what happened to me on Monday night.

In late January there was a pattern in the 2009 Knitting Calender for a Felted Hugger, which is a can keeper with an eyelash collar. I was drawn to it but don't really drink cold drinks in cans or bottles, so I made a note of the pattern date on the little card they give you just for that purpose and moved on. It has been shoving itself to the front of my brain, waving its arms and jumping up and down every time I look through a particular tote where I store my novelty yarns. The pattern shows a striped one so I've kind of been on the lookout for variegated wool. Then on Saturday I wore the sweater I knitted to work. It's made with Sensations Licorice which is 100% wool and variegated. Hmm, I have a lot of it left. I had already purchased another color of it. And it's on sale right now as is Sensations novelty yarns.

That means I can junk-pick vegetable cans from our recycling bin, wash them, and make pencil cups for my writing friends and my beautician for next Christmas. Brilliant! Naturally I'm having to adjust the pattern because it calls for worsted and I've got super bulky, but It's going well. Don't you think?

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