Sunday, February 1, 2009

Progress Report--Week #4

I finished the Accidental Socks Friday night! One month! It took me one month to make Sock #2. Of course I worked on it at least once a week and most weeks it was more than that. I let Sock #1 languish for months while I ran around with faster projects and went for the instant gratification of fat yarn and big needles, but I've learned from that mistake. I have. Now I'll have gen-u-wine handmade socks to wow the dive guys with at the AC Christmas part next Saturday. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the stripes are reversed on the socks. I learned quite by accident that it makes a difference when you wind one balll into a cake and just pull the center of the other. It doesn't bother me one bit since my lovely DIL turned me on to Little Miss Matched socks a few years ago. Now I feel off-kilter if my socks do match!

I got extra fishies done last week since I succumbed to temptation and bought 2 skeins of variegated acrylic yarn at Patti's on Thursday night and I had to try them out. Right? I mean, who wouldn't? They're on either end of the row. (I confess that I was so close to finishing Sock #2 that I knit on it at Patti's instead of the Socks X2 as planned.) On Saturday I spread the fish out on the bed to see how many more I need to make, and the answer is 10. Only 10 more and I can start the endless task of crocheting them together. At least I was smart enough to weave in the ends as I went along. Wouldn't that have been a daunting task?
Speaking of the Socks X2, I worked on them at home since it was heel turning and gusset decreasing time. I very smartly worked on it away from the scintillating conversations of the Thursday and Friday night knitting groups. I'm certain I'd have done a lot of tinking if I'd tried to do anything complicated. (I got through the toe decreases of the Accidental Sock #2 Friday night but saved the Kitchener-ing until I got home. [BTW, isn't "scintillating" a swell word?])

I also worked on the Silk Road purse but it kind of looks the same so I don't have a picture. I did knit on it, cross my heart. Two more inches and I can bind off section three.

I'm slacking off on knitting this weekend because I finally got fatally frustrated with my ancient laptop and took my stash money to Best Buy and bought me a brand new one. It's the first brand new computer I've had. We're still getting acquainted so please excuse any hitches in my giddyup.

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