Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sorry, I've Been Crazy

I was going to write "crazy busy" up there but realized that in reality I've been just plain crazy, partly because of the tenant switcheroo, partly because of worrying about Durwood's continued iffy health, and partly because I'm 62 years old and not coping with things as well as I did before I reached Social Security age.  (Social Security, baby.  I got my ticket on the gravy train, the checks start next month.  I didn't think there'd be any left when I got this old so I'm taking what I can get when I can get it.)  But I made the decision to go to the free community yoga on Wednesdays this month and on Saturdays too so I should soon be in good shape to slough off the crazies.  *fingers crossed*

In knitting news I cast on a Small & Clever baby hat in some of the Cloud 9 yarn left over from the blankie and finished it last night.  I'll be casting on booties later today and there are some darling thumb-less mittens (they kinda look like little Wii Mii hands) coming up too.  (I love that yarn.  Why'd they discontinue it?  Did the bunnies go on strike?)

I also fell under the spell of the Puerperium Cardigan and pulled out needles and some acrylic DK weight sock yarn in navy and burgundy to see about making one of those for any random baby that might happen by.

I should crank out a hat and booties for W&AZ's impending bambino too.  Three of the four adult cousins in that family are expecting.  Did they plan it this way?  I can't imagine that they did but there are lots of blossoming mamas and supportive daddys around these days.  Any projects OTN with my name on them have fallen way down the queue, burrowing deep into the bottom of project bags and sulking.  I'll eventually get back to them since I volunteered to babysit a couple days a week.  When babies are new they sleep a lot, I hear, which will mean plenty of knitting time.  (hahahahahahaha, yeah, like that really happens.  I've had babies, I know the truth.)  I'll get to them, never fear.

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Aunt B said...

Another adorable baby hat!!! Too cute!