Friday, September 27, 2013

'Nudder Widdle Sockie Done

And now I have a pair of widdle sockies.  They're fast to knit and so darned cute.  I'll be making more.

And I might have done a little needle shopping, um, ordering the other day.  See, I was putting together yarn and needles and pattern for a few of the baby things I'd like to knit in the next 3 months and I don't, well, didn't have the size needles that I needed and when I was ready to order I had about $48 worth in my shopping cart and if you order $50 you get free shipping so I threw in a single circular needle since I've wanted to try Harmony circs.  (All aboard the justification train.)

When I was downstairs working on a sewing project and doing the laundry this afternoon I was thinking about what knitting I wanted to take along on our trip.  I've been itching to cast on an asymmetrical cardi but then I caught sight of the TWO sweaters I have OTN and decided that I should probably finish those before I start another one.  (What a mature and grownup thought!)  So I hauled out the Red Marl Sweater and the Khaki Cardi to see what needs to be done.  The Khaki Cardi needs a sleeve and a half and the Red Marl needs the front finished and both sleeves knitted so of course I took the Red Marl to Friday Night Knitting to figure out where I left off.  (I'm not that mature and grownup.)   Both of them will be riding along and I hope I'll be making a lot of progress on them.  We shall see.  Naturally there'll be other things that need knitting along too.  And I realized tonight that I need to research yarn shops and fabric stores along the way.  Why else am I saving money?

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