Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soft & Fuzzy

That describes the Cloud 9 blankie to a tee.  I am enjoying knitting the yarn and I already know I like the pattern.  I like the yarn so much that I emailed Cascade to ask them why they discontinued it and if they've got a substitute in the line.  I got a very nice email back saying that they're glad I like the yarn but they have no substitute, that they bring out new lines twice a year so I should keep checking.  Unsatisfying.  Maybe the angora rabbits rebelled, stopped making fur so that they couldn't make any more.  Yeah, probably not.

I've got the first two miters made and picked up stitches for the third last night.  On the first miter I didn't switch out one color until I had 10 stitches remaining on a side.  That seemed a little meager so on the second miter I switched one color out at 15 stitches.  I think I may switch out at 20 on the third miter and then 25 on the fourth, just for a bit of interest.  I want lots of color and action in the blankie so I'm thinking of ways to leapfrog the colors in the edging, but I have a bit of time before the time comes.

Once I started knitting and the angora halo rose it occurred to me that babies are inherently sticky so there'll be fuzzies on the baby, but it's so soft and squooshy I think it'll be worth it.  I'm kind of peeved that I can't buy more of that Cloud 9 to make something for myself.  Maybe there'll be some leftover when the blankie's finished.

I put a few rounds on the Porange sock over the last week but I'm pretty much sticking to the blankie.  This project monogamy feels kind of odd.

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