Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Grandbaby Stuff

Every since the cat's been out of the bag about the coming grandbaby my mind has been churning about things to knit for her/him.  DS & DIL1 have said they don't want to know the sex of yon babe so there's no unseemly "boy color/girl color" debate, there's just color, and bright color which DIL1 likes better over pastels.  (That's my girl, well, my girl-by-marriage!)  

I couldn't resist starting with a soft creamy white something yarn I got from Goodwill.  It's worsted weight and a little shiny so I figure it's either Bernat Softee or Red Heart Soft Yarn, probably Soft Yarn since I just discovered that Softee doesn't come in worsted weight.  I also found a pattern for a hat and booties made on bigger needles.  I hate skinny needles, they don't feel right in my hands.  I realize that it's shocking that I didn't add a bright color to the center as the pattern shows but I just wanted to start with a sweet white set.  Colors will come, never fear.

And here they are!  Ever since I bought that bale of yarn at Goodwill about 10 days ago the multi-colors of Cascade Cloud 9 have been calling my name.  It's wool and angora, which is from rabbits not goats like I thought it was, and so soft, perfect for a baby's tender skin.  Yesterday afternoon when I saw that I'd be able to finish the baby hat last night at knitting I got out the US11 needles and cast on the Happy Baby Blanket from Lion Brand.  My plan is to carry two colors of yarn for 3/4 of the square and then change out one of them for the corner.  With five different colors I'll be able to mix them up in lots of ways and then I thought I'd make solid color stripes for the border--if I have enough of each color left.  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

(MW & LC called me last Wednesday to say that there was cashmere at Goodwill; I told them NO!  I spent all my yarn money the week before and I'm perfectly happy with it... but I wish I'd have seen the yarn.  NO, no more yarn buying, Barbara Sue, N. O.)

Still haven't sewn that skirt...  some other time.

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