Wednesday, June 5, 2013

These Have Not Been Knitting Times

Nor crocheting, nor sewing.  I planted the garden and most of the flowerpots but my eyes have been bothering me so I haven't been doing any of those crafty things.  But there's always Friday Night Knitting so I've got a bit to show you.

I finished the body of the Wildflowers shawlette last week and got a start on the ruffle on Friday.

On Monday at work I finished the sleeve increases of the Bean's Kimono.  Next come 6 even rows before the interesting work of knitting the fronts begins.

The only knitting I did during my week at The Clearing was making this Too Early Birthday preemie hats out of the ends of skeins, and I cast on another one the other night.  I like the colors of this skein, don't you?

I think my knitting mojo's on hiatus.

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