Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Knitting Origami

I like doing origami with paper.  I'm not terribly good at it or terribly dedicated and I for sure don't remember how to make very many figures.  (I keep in practice making origami balloons because they're so much fun to play with and they amuse children of all ages.  Ask me to make you one sometime, you'll be amazed--and amused.  Toys!)  The ultimate in knitting origami is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket, but this One-Piece Baby Kimono by Cristina Shiffman has a lot of origami in it too.  I'm nearing the finish of the left front segment and it's been a blast to knit.  Not hard, not by a long shot, but you need to think when you're knitting it and that can sometimes be a challenge (at least for me).  Our young friends, K&GZ, are expecting their first baby in October and KZ is not a pastel girl.  She's got personality to burn and is always dressed to be noticed in bright colors and fun styles, so I hope that the Bean likes color too.  I knew that this was the right yarn for the Bean's sweater the minute I laid eyes on it.

When I was finishing the Spring Boot Sock last week I remembered how much I like having a sock OTN, and I remembered that I had an anklet OTN that got pushed aside last fall, AND I even remembered where I'd put it in the sinkhole that is my knitting area right now.  (I see a weekend organizing fest in my near future)  So I zoomed downstairs last night and resurrected it.  I added a couple rows last night while watching a Curb Appeal episode that I'd DVR'ed so it knows that I mean to finish it.  Don't want to raise its hopes only to have it end up downstairs unfinished again.  I don't know why I quit on it anyway, I'm through the "hard" part (the gusset, the never-ending [to my usually patient but not in this instance self] decreases of the gusset), now comes the foot and toe.  Beyond all logic I love the toe decreases and I especially love the Kitchener stitch.  It's a magic trick with yarn.  (thanks one more time to my beloved DD who gave me a little booklet when I started knitting with the Kitchener mantra in it:  knit off, purl on, purl off, knit on that makes it possible for me to make that fancy toe join effortlessly, so effortlessly I even impress myself.) (huh, when finding a video to link to show you, I discovered that I haven't been doing the "set up" part, it's worked for me but maybe it'll be even more impressive if I do it all.)  Thanks also go to Z-Dawg for the nugget of yarn that is becoming this sock.  When it runs out before the toe (which I know it will) there will be a lovely pale yellow to complete the sock.  What?  No one will see.  It goes in a shoe anyway, besides who wants a plain sock?

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