Thursday, May 17, 2012

You've Just Gotta Have the Right Brown... make that bluish-limey green work.  You'd never know there was a lot of blue in that green unless you tried to make it play nice with a very yellow, pear green; that's when its true color shone out.  Clashed out's more like it.  Now that I've replaced the black sock yarn of the "winter" colors on the Maple Tree scarf with the variegated green of the "spring" colors and the ashy brown worsted of the "winter" bark is replaced with the Crayola brown DK of the "spring" palette, that limey Cascade works.  I've been thinking that it'd be fun to sub in all the greens that I've collected, alternating them after a few inches, in and out, in and out, to keep interest up.  I still have that skein, huge skein of brown and white-ish sock yarn that might become bark next but then I think that the trunk color needs a larger presence in the scarf than one measly sock yarn will give.  Time will tell, I've got over 6 more months of scarfing yet to go.  I missed a chance in the early early Spring.  I've got a skein of tan/green/turquoise that would have been absolutely perfect for those early days when there was just a hint of green and lots of sky showing through, but it was buried in the bin and I missed it.  Ah well, that yarn will make an excellent pair of mitts or a hat sometime.  Or something felted the next time a jag comes around.

I'm on triangle #6 of 8 or 9 or even 10 of the Wingspan shawlette.  I'm liking it.  A lot.  What say you?  


vjicha said...

Love it all. Looks just super! You have a way with color.

Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh, I like it too. Really pretty!