Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All Greens Are Not Created Equal

At Friday Knit Night I was catching up on my Maple Tree scarf rows.  I cut the black sock yarn and added in a different, brighter green because the leaves were starting to emerge and were greener than the buds.  I was thinking that I'd eliminate the black and add in another green to emphasize the greenness of the leaves, letting the brown fade into the background, perhaps even scaling brown back to a sock-weight brown for the summer.  Well, that bright, lime-y green was just wrong.  It was too blue for the ambiance of the scarf as it was but I kept knitting it in thinking I'd get used to it.  I didn't.  I went down and pulled out all the greens I had gathered.  The skein of Heart & Sole kept jumping into my hand, so I carried it up, tinked back to where the wrong green started and added in the Green Envy.  I also decided that the trunk deserves to be represented by a worsted weight brown all year, so the brown sock-weight went away and a skein of brown brown got spit-spliced onto the end of the original heather brown skein.  Now that that's decided I feel much better.

Yesterday at work I realized that my Wingspan shawlette was headed toward bandana-hood since I was into the third of eight triangles and was still on the first 50 g. (137 yd) skein.  So I turned it back into a ball of yarn and started over casting on 60 stitches.  It's much better.  I just finished the first triangle and have used up nearly all the yarn I had balled back up.  Much better. 

Here's a gratuitous cute baby bunny photo.  It's name is Flash because it's exceedingly speedy when it dashes across the patio.

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