Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Made a Haul

Really, a haul.  Wait 'til you see what came home from Friday Night Knitters with me.  Donna, who moved to Minneapolis a couple years ago and is moving back, was/is in town and had bins (bins, people) of yarn and books that a knitting friend was getting rid of.  Donna drove it to Green Bay and brought it to Knit Night for us to paw through.  I pawed well and deep.

From the book boxes I glommed onto a copy of "It itches.", a book of knitting cartoons (knitting cartoons??? yeah, knitters need a sense of humor) by Franklin Habit, and Scarves, a compilation that has several interesting patterns in it. 

The least of the skeins is one black Knit Picks EssentialSolid.  It's sock-weight superwash wool & nylon.  A person can never have too much black yarn.

In the "looks like bark to me" department, we have one skein of Galway Highland Heather and one of Brown (brown!  are you seeing the trend here?) Sheep Country Classic Thick & Thin.



There was this one lonely ball of Cascade 220 Superwash in a gorgeous dark red.  Anyone who knows me just steps out of the way when I see a ball of red wool.

I kept coming back to this skein of Mooncake Yarn (isn't that a great name?) in the delightfully named Swimming Pool.  I'm not much of a blue girl but since my felted bowl jag I'm thinking of having various colors of wool on hand just in case I have to make something to be felted again.


Without a label but irresistible nevertheless was this skein of what I'm guessing might be Araucania Multy Chunky.  It's dark brown, black, chestnut, even a bit of dark teal and dark rose and will make a gorgeous scarf or hat.


I dug waaaaay down to the bottom of one of the bins and unearthed this unlabeled trio of skeins of worsted wool in greens and lilac.  It's freaking gorgeous.  I don't care that I don't know what yarn it is exactly.  It's in a bag that says it has 100 yds. per skein.  I'm picturing a pair of Fetching mitts.


But the piece de resistance (IMHO) was a bag with 8 little skeins of Ice yarn from Turkey.  It's bright yellow blending into deep indigo, and it pleases me no end.  It's 50/50 wool and nylon, really soft, a little splitty, and it has sunk its claws deep into my soul.  


I immediately (IMMEDIATELY) cast on a Wingspan shawlette.  Just as a practice project, you understand, so that I don't ruin my special, expensive Lana Gatto that's wool, silk & mohair, not because I couldn't not knit something with it immediately, no.  I stayed up until after 11 PM so that I knitted to the yellow.  I'm about halfway through the second of eight triangles.  See?

I have to confess that I didn't intend to take home even one skein.  That I stood looking at the bins and boxes and said right out loud, "I'm not taking any.  I don't need any more yarn."  Z-Dawg just laughed at me, and razzed me the rest of the evening as I tried to shove 10 lbs. of yarn into a 5 lb. knitting bag.  Oh well, I made a haul.  And it was free so it didn't go against the letter of my self-imposed yarn diet.  Way to rationalize!

I felted my 8 bowls and they turned out great.  I took them along last night and everyone liked them.  It was a fun night even though there was no yoga (only me and the teacher showed. next week she's teaching me anyway if it happens again.  I whined.)

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Aunt B said...

Of course you came home with a haul!!! Who could resist free stuff?? And it all looks beautiful. Lucky you!!!