Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring! The Real Thing!

I am so confused. It's March and the first day of Spring. True. That much I'm totally sure of. It was 83 degrees today. See? That's the part that's confusing. We went right from non-Winter to late Spring in no time. I'm old, I need gradual changes. This abrupt stuff is, well, it's abrupt. I keep having to dress in the basement because all my clothes are too warm for the weather. I just toured the yard and I took pictures of all the happy Spring things I found out there.

The forsythia's in bloom. I love those happy yellow flowers with no leaves to confuse things.

The hyacinths and daffodils are out in force and they smell like heaven.

I dug up a shovel-full of these from my SIL's mom's yard a coon's age ago and this little bit of them survives. I keep hoping they'll spread and fill under the lilac bush with their happy Spring blueness.

I must have planted these tiny white flower bulbs. I have no clue what they ar
e, but they sure are dainty and pretty, aren't they?

The primroses are blooming. I love their velvety richness.

Chives are up and once again I
was late cutting them down so I've got last year's dried ones mixed in. Ah well, they're green and they'll add a fresh touch to Durwood's cooking for many months to come. I can pick out the dead stuff.

And here's my favorite lawn ornament no matter the season. Look at the bruise on his right forearm. Porter was really happy to see him yesterday.

Speaking of Porter, she investigated my knitting bag. Didn't eat or chew through anything, she just turned a tidy ball of gray wool into a tangle. I'll be enlisting Durwood's help tonight after supper and a trip to Menards for lami
nate flooring. The painter's working now, painting starts tomorrow. Next week the flooring will get installed. Tomorrow night the electrician will replace a few things and check that everything is safe. That means that I can call a cleaning lady/service to come week after next to have her work her magic in the kitchen and bath, and we'll be ready for tenants. Things are getting done. Durwood's the ramrod and he's doing a great job.

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