Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Uh, crocuses. I stepped out the front door and a monumental change had occurred in the front yard overnight. Three little tufts of narrow green leaves are now sporting tiny golden yellow flower buds. Yay! My faith in the universe is renewed.

I finallyfinallyfinally finished the Brangelina charity hat I have been battling for the last month. I'll put it in the donations box at the Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow night and never look at it again.

In the spirit of spring and emerging flowers and new beginnings, I became enraptured by one of the Free Daily Knitting patterns last week, so last night I dug out some yarn and cast on the first of a sew of Color Stripe Vessels. Do not ask me why these teeny tiny felted bowls have so captured my interest because I don't know. I just know that I'm making them and I'm already working on figuring out how to make them bigger so I can make graduated sizes.

With the success of the Flannel & Linen Duvet I made over the weekend I suspect that I am now entering a lap-duvet-making jag. JoAnn has flannel for $1.99/yard and 30% off linen blends so I went nuts. No, I really went nuts. Good thing there's mad money in my wallet. I need to make "Pay It Forward" gifts for a few people and was thinking of these, but it might be hard to give them away. The thought does occur to me that I probably don't need 4 or 5 more lap duvets. It's not like I need to match my wheelchair or house dresses in the nursing home. But then again I haven't checked out the flannels and linens on offer at Hobby Lobby...

I made great progress on the Monster Pouch swap item last night. It's killing me not showing it to you but I can't take the chance that my swap partner will sneak over and peek, so you (and I) will just have to wait. It won't be long now.

I'm posting this on the work computer and it puts too much space in between paragraphs and pictures. Arrrgh.


Ann said...

It's all so pretty! Those flannels are gorgeous. I checked the local JoAnn's ad, and we didn't have the same sale. :( I'm glad you're having fun!

Aunt B said...

I'm with Ann -- love all those pretty fabrics! AND the croci in the front yard! Yay -- spring is definitely one the way!!!