Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forward & Backward

In some projects I'm making progress, in others not so much.

I added a lot of rows to the Rolled Brim Hat. Loving the yarn, loving the way it feels and the way it looks, almost wishing that it was cold enough to wear it. But then it got big enough to try on and, darn, it's too big, even for my generous bean.

Stupid gauge. It was knitting up at 3 sts per inch, not the 3.5 sts per inch of Crazy Aunt Purl. Stupid gauge.

This is how it looks now.

But it'll get better fast. I'll cast on 6 fewer stitches, 66 instead of 72, and give it
another shot. This yarn is way too luscious to abandon.

On a better note, see how far I've gotten on the Socks on Fire sock? It's zipping
along nicely and I lovelovelove the yarn, the color and the feel of the yarn.

At work on Monday, I dug out the Sudoku squares that have been riding bac
k and forth in my backpack and did a bit of the second stone square. One of these days I'll have an interesting throw to tuck my feet under and I'll have to find some other mindless blocky knitting to do between customers.

And can you believe it? It's supposed to snow tonight. Gah.

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