Thursday, April 8, 2010


The weather-guessers said we were gonna get this. And here it is. It's slick on the roads and heavy on the branches. I went to work last week without a coat, for Pete's sake!

That's the forsythia I took pictures of the other day, only this time I'm standing in the house, and the honeysuckle on the fence is (or was, they're probably a bit frozen) getting leaves.

It looks like the maple tree in the front yard is leaning over to ask if it can come
in. A junco is on the feeder side that isn't clotted with snow. A bird's gotta eat.

And the Menopausal Goddess probably wishes she had, well, a hat. Or maybe a nice shawl instead of the solid layer of snow. (I wish I could figure out how to put a colored frame around these pictures so you could get the full effect. Oh well.)

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Ann said...

Ew, snow! This makes me feel much better about the rain we're getting today. Wear handknits and stay warm!