Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Spring

We now return to our regular programming... I'm hoping that last week's snow was winter's last hurrah and that this is the new normal.

I decided to try to knit something with very skinny yarn. I'd seen a pattern for a spring bandana on Purl Bee and didn't find two colors of silk mohair that I liked so I got a skein of creamy baby alpaca & silk, and one of kid mohair and merino in rainbow colo
rs and found a pattern for a narrow scarf (which I think is more my style than a square anyway) the very next day on Purl Bee. I cast it on Friday night and got a few rows knitted, but then I took a pain pill to shut my achy knee and sciatica up for the night last night and, whoo!, that was way too much drugs. I got dizzy and hot and kept falling asleep. My knee didn't hurt though, and I got a great night's sleep. So I didn't knit. Friends don't let friends knit stoned. I think I need to take it easy a bit longer.

Here's the
first dandelion of the year...DD remember when Dad asked you to pick the heads off all the dandelions in the yard? You were only about 4 but you stood up to him, hands on hips, and said, "Dad, dandelions are flowers too." He just shook his head, handed you a plastic grocery bag, and told you to get to work. You were mad at him all the rest of the day, but you did your chore.

DIL, here's the first tulip of the year; it opened up overnight. More to come.

Thursday's snow brought lots of branches and twigs down from the maple tree so I spent part of yesterday on "stick patrol." The weight of the snow had lain the daffodils and hyacinths down but hadn't broken them, so I got my clippers out and cut a bunch to bring into the house. They smell so good, so much like spring, and the colors can't be beat. They remind me why I've always liked yellow.

I went to Mom's yesterday to help figure out a pesky knitting pattern and took a picture of her orchid blooming like crazy and of the bouquet that she got from
DS & DIL last week "just because" she hasn't been feeling well.

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