Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Grandma's Up To

For the third year in a row the orchid that Holly gave Mom for Mother's Day is going to bloom. I told her that she can't move because obviously the place she has it in is exactly right and makes it very happy.

She was playing bridge a while back in a chilly hotel dining room, one of the women had a little capelet to put around her shoulders. Mom thought it was a good idea, so I found a pattern for her on the Lion Brand website, she picked out some y
arn and needles, and she's been working away at it. I tried to put my order in for one and she just frowned at me.

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Aunt B said...

Hi Barb -- Thanks for posting the pix of Marl's orchid and especially the ones of her. I'm so glad to see her looking well -- and busy with her little capelet! I wouldn't mind having one of those myself! Love the fingerless gloves too. You are one busy gal!!