Thursday, March 18, 2010

Startitis Season

It's spring. Or, at least, it's spring-ish. And I want to make things. No, that's not right, I want to make EVERYTHING. Right now. All at once.

Yesterday at work I decided that I wanted to make a toy, a teddy, for Baby Emma, Paul and Katie's newborn. Last Friday at FNKC Jill was knitting a 2-piece bear on big needles with 2 strands of worsted. Naturally I didn't know how to contact Jill to find out what pattern she was using so I sent out a call on Facebook, and searched on Knitting Pattern Central where I foun
d this. It's made in one piece, you just start at the front toes, knit one leg, cut the yarn and keep the stitches live, knit the other leg, then knit across both legs and up the body until you cast on for the arms over the next 2 rows, knit the arms, bind off the arms over 2 rows (that's where I am), then you knit the head-front and back, before knitting your way back down the back in reverse order. I didn't cast on until after 9 PM and I knit on it until 11; you can see how far I got so it goes fast. (Maybe I'd better take some fiberfill to work with me so I can stuff it, oh, and I have to dig out a little ball of black so I can embroider its features.) I'm anxious to see how it turns out, I think it'll be very cute and cuddly.


telaine said...

Love this! I'm trying to work on my bunny toy from last spring too. Sorry I missed your call for the pattern on Facebook. Looks like you found a better pattern anyway. :-)

Thea said...

Yay spring-ish! Wow, that is a quick knit. She's going to be a lucky baby.