Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still No Sales Resistance

After walking a couple miles in the mall today, Dusty and I went to Loops and Links to check out the Wall O'Savings to see if there was anything we wanted to go back to buy tomorrow when there's 50% off. Neither of us found any sale yarn we wanted to buy, but I did find one little skein of Dream in Color Classy in the In Vino Veritas color. Mmm. I don't really like red wine, but I do like this. Gawdjus!

Then I had this coupon, see, for 40% off something at JoAnn, and I felt like I've let so many coupons expire in my quest to not buy much yarn-y stuff this year that I was really needing to just look around and maybe buy something because that's a big discount, 40%. I found a couple of books and this one looked like the better of the two. Hey, I got nearly ten bucks off! So worth it. There's some cool looking patterns in there, but the best thing is that there are a half dozen different basic sock patterns, different heels and toes, other construction methods. Excellent all-around info.

For the first time making socks, I had to tink the heel turning of Neon Sock #2 four times tonight. Four times! But I finally managed to get it done. It's not the tidiest job but it'll be stuck in my shoe anyway so no one will see it. And now I can pick up the gusset stitches and get on with the foot.

Yesterday I cast on a rolled brim hat in the super-delicious Shetland lamb and merino & the Merino and Alpaca yarns from the fiber sale last fall. I think it's going to be a great hat.

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