Sunday, January 31, 2010

Instead of Tackling an OTN Project...

(On The Needles, for those not up on their knit-speak), I cast on another pair of Brangelina Gloves last night after I finished my sock using smaller needles, and I intend to tweak the pattern a bit to make only the cuffs ribbed. The ribbing on the hand is hard to maintain because of the increasing at each side, and on the fingers it makes them too thick. So I'm starting over.

And I wanted to show you the book I bought with my gift card from Durwood and one of the flip pages. I want to have a month or maybe a year off to just play with yarn, not have to go to my pesky job or deal with housework or anything else. Don't mind me, it's probably just a case of the mid-winter crazies.

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