Friday, October 25, 2013

Widdle Sockies #2

I bought that ball of Cascade Fixation in South Carolina and immediately cast on a second pair of sockies.  I freaking love the colors, they're so bright and cheerful.  I'll be knitting my very own anklet out of the remains of the ball.

The other night I cast on a pair of garter stitch booties out of the Cloud 9 left from the blanket, got one done and the second one cast on pretty quickly.  I'll finish the next bootie today and then sew them up this weekend.  Then I have to finish a few other baby things because the shower's a week from Saturday and I refuse to be scrambling at the eleventh hour, as has been my habit.  I need to remember to go buy some wrapping paper before then too.

Next I'll be finishing the Khaki Cardi.  Yes, I will.  *nods firmly*  It's getting chilly out there. 

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